Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday's Warrior: Tom Tancredo

When talking to Republican activists in Colorado the one name that comes up more than any others as Colorado’s favorite son is Tom Tancredo.

When history is written years from now it is hard to imagine a political figure that will have affected the immigration reform movement as much as Congressman Tom Tancredo. Tom Tancredo came into the spotlight of American politics when the American people needed him most. After being alone in the woods on the issue of immigration for a considerably long time, Tom is now joined by a throng of supporters and admirers who share his vision of immigration reform.

It is because of one mans effort that a single issue has the national political prominence that it does now. For that reason the Colorado Conservative Project is pleased to announce that Congressman Tancredo is this weeks Wednesday Warrior. Congressman Tancredo we salute you.

Click here for the Tancredo For President Blog and get blogging about Tom!

(Editors Note: In recognition of Congressman Tancredo as well as a shot across the bow of his communist neighbor in D.C., CCP suggests you send Tom a cigar to show him your appreciation. You can send your stogie to his district office listed below)
Congressman Tancredo
6099 S. Quebec St. Suite 200
Centennnial, CO 80111


Anonymous said...

Tom is a worthy candidate for many accolades including this one. I would love to see him as are next president. It would be an extremely magnificient switch in direction regarding enforcement of all laws and future direction of this once great and sovereign nation.

livermush said...

I would also like to see Tom with the Republican nomination. He is one of only two or three I would support in the race and I love his stance on immigration and border security.

Casca said...

Rep. Tom Tancredo is my hope for a Presidential Candidate, because he is one of the few that doesn't ignore THE PEOPLES cry for help. He is also very much aware of the underhanded agenda of the Bush Administration, to squeeze almost silently--without Congressional oversight (NAU) The North American union. Probably the word starts with "T" that implicates The white house and both sides of the aisle in a movement to merge the US, Canada and our corrupt Southern neighbor. Although it was hard for me to really believe it, when organisations like Judicial Watch, John Birch Society have followed the paper trail through the highest offices of our government, including the Council of Foreign relations. This coordinated conspiracy has been carefully calculated by the so-called Shadow government--within THE PEOPLES government. The Agenda is already underway, with the mutual caliboration in the judicial, transportation, customs agencies and the free flow of cheap labor. Not to forget another stage of allowing low maintained Mexican trucks across our highways nationwide. Another checkmark being the totalization of the U.S. Social Security system, to approve illegal entrants the right to draw on their ill-gotten gains, even if they did fraudulently convert stolen Social Security numbers. Our Globalist Bush hasn't signed it into law yet, but if he and his minions forces through the so Called Comprehensive Amnesty that Ted Kennedy/John McCain promoted that will be another erosion of our sovereignty. Although our Northern friends are reading about it and understand the menacing consequences, we at home have remained alienated by the print media. Although it seems farfetched and the drug-induced dreams of a unbalanced mind, 17 state legislators have introduced bills to denounce any such plans. Tom and his friend Ron paul have not remained silent, nor the Internet or small town press America. Many American people still remain in the dark of this travesty of the US Constitution. It is the sordid sick dreams of the corporate CARTELS, the oil companies and a huge conglameration of open border zealots, to bring in millions of uneducated foreign immigrants, along with the added millions of extended family members. Alas, unable to support their kin, the American citizen will be forced into subsiding the welfare of their Grandma's and Grandpa's.

It is my greatest hope that true American patriots, such as Tom and Ron paul will speak out against this insidious act--so all our citizens can vote out those who swore allegience to our great land--and then turned against US--for money, greed and profit. GOD HELP US ALL!