Monday, March 05, 2007

Eidsness a Democrat

Read what the Greeley Trib as to say about former CD 4 candidate Eric "Did I mention I kind of worked for Reagan" Eisdness becoming a Democrat. Hat tip to Pols for making Colorado Conservative Project aware of the story.

I don't care if you are a Democrat, this guy has to make you as sick as he does us Republicans.

He is not a Democrat nor does he embody anything the Dems stand for. He is an opportunist in the worst way and will do anything to grab abit of power. He claims he was stonewalled from the leadership in the 4th District GOP, but talk to leadership and they will tell you that he never ever called, emailed or wrote them. He will tell you that there were some covert operatives of either (switch names accordingly) Allard, Schaffer or Musgrave that sat him down and told him he could not run for Congress as a Republican and made some backdoor deal for him to be (switch position accordingly) State House Represenative, State Senator or the Sultan of Brunai, but talk to any of those offices and they say, "huh?????"

He will tell you that he only wants to serve the people. The reality is that his interest in serving the 4th Congressional is not altruistic but rather midlife crisistic. He got to a point in his life where he thought "Darn it, I used to work for Ronald Reagan. Somebody please give me credit for working for Ronald Reagan...It's Ronald Reagan for heavens know the Gipper...Everyone likes Ronald Reagan now and I kind of used to work for him...I am kind of a big deal and I want people to know that. I am going to have memoirs one day for when I kind of used to work for Ronald Reagan and people are going to read them. Somebody please put me on a poster, put me on TV, put me in Congress!!!"

The guy needs to take one of those cheesy political quizzes that you get in the email and figure out which side of the aisle he should be standing on rather than straddling the aisle, crying that people don't like him.

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Anonymous said...

Sure, minimize Eidsness' run in the 4th at the Right Wing's political peril. Continue to use the emotional and intellectual maturity of a 3 year old to ignore that with virtually no funds or name recognition, he took 11% of the vote based upon clear logic, reasonable solutions to current problems, and real life experience such as military combat, executive-level business operations, and cabinet level government experience. Political opportunitst's have a life-long pattern of such behavior. One will not find this with Eidsness, only with the current 4th District Right-Wing party players. Shame, shame, shame on the Republican's for not seeking out more moderate candidates like Eidsness for the long-term success of the party in the their own peril in '08.