Thursday, March 22, 2007

The WingNut Versus The Rino

Did my buddy IfJoshLymanWereConservative....just call Josh Penry to the floor? Yup. Do I understand why? Yup. Do I still think that Josh Penry is an outstanding legislator and a future Wednesday Warrior for CCP? Double Yup. Is there any conservative Republican out there that has a perfect voting record? Nope,(the possible exception being our own Congresswoman Musgrave and even then if you are an isolationist you would have disliked her stance on CAFTA-DR).

You could go down the list of some of our conservative heroes and I could pick them apart one by one for different votes they have made. Bob Schaffer, Tom Tancredo, Wayne Allard and the list goes on of some of my heroes whom have made bad votes in the past. They are still my heroes though and I will wear out sneakers walking precincts for them.

I do understand where IfJoshLymanWereConservative is coming from, I just do not agree with his assessment of Penry not being an outstanding legislator.

It is important to have dialogue in Republican politics now, both sides of an argument should be presented. Both IfJoshLymanWereConservative and I hope to bring you those arguments through a series of debates with each other. He will come from the staunch conservative side(WingNut) and I will be coming from the moderate side(RINO). Neither of these nicknames bother me and the sooner we can recognize both of them as being silly, the sooner we can start working together.

Huge HAT TIP to Josh Penry for still being an outstanding CONSERVATIVE Republican.

(Editors Note: Believe it or not, when I first met my colleague IfJoshLymanWereConservative I was the conservative one but as the years have went by he is getting more conservative day by day. I'm not sure what type of kool-aid the dude is drinking but it sure is doing the job. The fact that this guy can keep landing a girlfriend is also astonishing to me.)

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