Saturday, March 03, 2007

State Central Meeting in 5 Sentences

Nothing too exciting happened at the state Central Committee meeting. Perry Buck defeated Henri Stone for the vice chair. Alot of applause for speeches by Allard, Schaffer, Coffman, Musgrave and of course Wadhams. Slightly poor planning on the events schedule as things went over on time (how do we not know by now that politicians are long winded?) but it was nothing we couldn't live with. All in all a good meeting and hopefully a new beginning.


UpStream said...

That's the best you got about out meeting? What about the speech given by Allard, the speech given by Schaffer, RUDY 2008 stickers, Scooter for Senate shirts, the less than enthusiastic applause for Lamborn, the son of Armstrong possibly running in 08???????????
This was like a weeks worth of material for you guys.

If Josh Lyman Were Conservative... said...

hahaha perhaps UPSTREAM, but in my mind the only worth while story is McLobbists lackluster speech, followed by Schaffer bringing down the house.