Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eidsness ditches Reagan, joins the Donkeys

As was discussed here earlier, Eric Eidsness is now a registered Dem.

Tim Gill's shills over at the Dead Governors' has the full story. Eidsness was insignificant in as a reform party candidate, now he won't even get out of a primary. Good riddance.

Here's part of Easy E's press release:

"I think most Coloradoans regardless of political affiliation believe in keeping their house in (fiscal) order; don't want big government telling them what to do; help their neighbors when they need it; and, believe in law in order", says Eidsness.

"Many of us are at once conservative, progressive, green, libertarian and independent - it depends on the issue. Being true to my conscience and our values here in Eastern Colorado will remain my principle goal. I won't change for political expediency".

"I said when I announced in April of 2006 and do now that we are a two-party system", emphasizes Eidsness. His web site home page noted he was not trying to build a (third) Party but to join a movement of moderate, common sense and civil elected representatives in Washington who put country above ideology.

Eidsness' move to the Democratic Party is a logical progression and other former Republicans have done the same in recent times.

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