Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DCCC skips out on Angry Angie

Dan Haley at the Denver Post is reporting (and has been confirmed by outside sources) that the DCCC has pulled its $600,000+ reservation of TV time in support of Angry Angie Paccione and is leaving her to her own devises...

On top of the poll that has Marilyn up 10, I think an opera is waiting to be sung...

The real question is, will we be able to hear that famous lady sing over the wailing and nashing of teeth from Angry Angie and her supporter?

Marilyn's Campaign manager Shaun Kenney has a priceless quote:

“If this isn’t the final nail in Angie Paccione’s political coffin, it’s
pretty close,” Musgrave campaign manager Shaun Kenney said in a press release.
“Coming on top of the poll earlier this week showing Marilyn Musgrave leading by
10 percentage points, it is clear that national Democrats have completely given
up hope for “Angry Angie”.”