Monday, March 26, 2007

Tanc Ramps up

Congressman Tom Tancredo's (CO-6) dark-horse presidential campaign has hired long time ally Bay Buchanan to run his Presidential primary campaigns in Iowa and New Hampshire.

From the Denver Post:

"I'm not saying this is going to be easy," Buchanan said about Tancredo's presidential prospects in a late-1995 interview with The Denver Post, as Tancredo debated whether to run for president. "I think there's a chance. My job is to convince Tom there's a chance."

Buchanan is chairwoman of Team America, the political action committee Tancredo founded. It raises money for candidates who shared Tancredo's hardliner views on immigration and the border.

"She has been a valuable advisor and close friend for a long time and will be an invaluable asset to my campaign," Tancredo said. [Emphasis added]

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John Galt said...

I almost had my first job in politics a number of years ago working for Team America and Bay Buchanan when a friend said she would put in a good word for me. I ended up working for another political endeavor but will always remember that people said Bay was "one tough cookie" and that I could expect to learn alot from her. I think we will see Bay's toughness during the Tanc's Presidential run.