Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paccione TV Ad lies...

The Denver Post, liberal lion of Colorado, has a piece on how Angry Angie's new TV ad is just plain wrong.

Angry Angie outright lies when she says that Musgrave supported the President's prescription drug plan. Marilyn voted against it. Twice.

From the Post:
Ad watch: Congress for sale?
Congress for sale?
Title: Stand
Sponsor: Angie Paccione for Congress
Type: TV ad
The message:
Democratic 4th Congressional District candidate Angie Paccione tells an
that for the past five years in Washington, special interests -
pharmaceutical and oil companies - have written legislation,
including the
Medicare prescription drug benefit. As she talks, an image of
President Bush
kissing U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave is flashed on the screen
and "sold out" is
stamped on the frame. "What this administration and
what this Congress has
done is really sold out to the special interests,"
Paccione says.
Musgrave twice voted against the
Prescription Drug and Medicare Improvement
Act of 2003, even after a
personal phone call from President Bush urging her to
vote for it.
The act passed by a final vote of 220 to 215, with 204 Republicans
voting for the measure along with 16 Democrats. One independent voted for
the plan. [Emphasis Added]

Silly Angie... if you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.

Side note: Am I the only one that thinks Angie's ad is horribly produced?

UPDATE: Adam Schrager from 9NEWS agrees that Angry Angie lies in her TV ad.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Musgrave Continues to roll to Victory

It sure looks like the Musgrave campaign is getting under the skin of Angry Angie the New York Liberal and her crazy supporters.

One of Angry Angie's most vocal of loony lefties, the Muskrat Hunter, seems upset that Musgrave staff were video taping Angry Angie.

Remember when I tried to get some video of the Muskrat at her Longmont Town Hall? Well, Angie Paccione just had a Town Hall in Longmont at Sandstone Ranch Community Park and, lo and behold, the Mighty Muskrat Multimedia Mooks appeared.

Ya know, these two are both military-service age - and no doubt support the war but just don't seem to have the intestinal fortitude to sign up and serve. Easier to stay home and play cameraman...

Shows the difference between Dems and Muskrat Kampers - Dems invite scrutiny and embrace transparency. Muskrat Kampers cover up, hide, lie and dodge military service.

This guy is completely unhinged...

Great Americans
These two guys look like great Americans, to me. Afterall, they do work for Marilyn Musgrave, a conservative hero.

Lamborn Challenges Fawcett to Debate

Republican Nominee Doug Lamborn Invites Democrat Challenger Jay Fawcett to a Series of Debates

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: 719-266-6117

September 8, 2006

Colorado Springs, CO: Today, State Senator Doug Lamborn mailed, emailed, and telephoned Democrat challenger Jay Fawcett an invitation to join him at a series of debates to present their views to all the voters of Colorado’s 5th Congressional District.

With the goal of allowing the maximum number of voters to view, listen, and participate in an open exchange of ideas between the two candidates, Senator Lamborn invited Mr. Fawcett to join him at the following venues:

· Action22 of Southern Colorado debate on Saturday, October 14th, at 11:45am at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Colorado Springs.

· Fremont County Chamber of Commerce debate in Canon City. Open to the public and broadcast on local television. Early to Mid October.

· KVOR’s Joseph Machelli Show radio debate on 740AM in Colorado Springs from 4 to 6pm with call-in questions welcomed from the public. Mid to Late October.

· Network Television debate, sponsored by C-SPAN, with moderators to be invited from each of the network television stations in Colorado Springs. Mid to Late October.

“I hope Mr. Fawcett will accept my invitation to debate and allow the maximum number of voters to see first hand the drastic contrast between our views on the direction of our country,” stated Lamborn.

“On issues like winning the War on Terror, stopping illegal immigration, and cutting taxes and government spending, to name a few, I believe voters deserve to know the real differences between my conservative solutions and Jay Fawcett’s liberal agenda,” concluded Lamborn.

For more information on Senator Doug Lamborn’s campaign for Congress, please visit his web site at: .


Thursday, September 07, 2006

No Love for Angry Angie

From Roll Call:

DCCC’s A-List Coming to Town
By Lauren W. WhittingtonRoll Call

September 7, 2006House Democrats are planning to host their top
challenger candidates on Capitol Hill next Wednesday for an event designed to
quicken the drumbeat for Democratic chances of taking back the House this fall.
Sept. 13 is being dubbed the “March to the Majority” day, when candidates from
around the country who have been selected for the Democratic Congressional
Campaign Committee’s “Red to Blue” program will be in town to meet with the
House Democratic Caucus, DCCC staff and relevant interest groups, as well as to
attend a fundraising reception that night.

“American families are looking for a change from the Republican mantra of
‘stay the course’ and these New Direction Democrats will deliver that come
November,” said DCCC spokeswoman Sarah Feinberg.

A March to the Majority reception will be held at the Sewall-Belmont House
on Capitol Hill on Wednesday night. A minimum $250 contribution is required,
with the proceeds going to the Red to Blue program recipients. T

he DCCC has announced two rounds of Red to Blue recipients, totaling 34
candidates. A third round is expected soon. Candidates selected for the program
get additional help with fundraising and campaign strategy from the committee.

The current Red to Blue candidates, all of whom are invited to next week’s
event are: Michael Arcuri (New York’s 24th), Bruce Braley (Iowa’s 1st), Darcy
Burner (Washington’s 8th), Phyllis Busansky (Florida’s 9th), Chris Carney
(Pennsylvania’s 10th), Joe Courtney (Connecticut’s 2nd), John Cranley (Ohio’s
1st), Jill Derby (Nevada’s 2nd), Joe Donnelly (Indiana’s 2nd), Tammy Duckworth
(Illinois’ 6th), Brad Ellsworth (Indiana’s 8th), Diane Farrell (Connecticut’s
4th), Kirsten Gillibrand (New York’s 20th), Tessa Hafen (Nevada’s 3rd), Baron
Hill (Indiana’s 9th), Christine Jennings (Florida’s 13th), Phil Kellam
(Virginia’s 2nd), Mary Jo Kilroy (Ohio’s 15th), Ron Klein (Florida’s 22nd), Nick
Lampson (Texas’ 22nd), Ken Lucas (Kentucky’s 4th), Patricia Madrid (New Mexico’s
1st), Harry Mitchell (Arizona’s 5th), Lois Murphy (Pennsylvania’s 6th), Patrick
Murphy (Pennsylvania’s 8th), Joe Sestak (Pennsylvania’s 7th), Heath Shuler
(North Carolina’s 11th), Zack Space (Ohio’s 18th), Linda Stender (New Jersey’s
7th), Mike Weaver (Kentucky’s 2nd), Peter Welch (Vermont’s At-large), Patty
Wetterling (Minnesota’s 6th) and Charlie Wilson (Ohio’s 6th).

No Angie to be seen...

Musgrave Gains Momentum

Real Clear Politics has the public polling history for CO-4's race.

Bottom Line: Angie's down 6%, after droping 5% over the summer.

8/27 RT Strategies/CD
Musgrave 47%
Paccione 41%

8/13 SurveyUSA
Musgrave 46%
Paccione 42%

5/31 Strategic Services
Musgrave 47%
Paccione 46%