Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Stormy Weather In Colorado Blogosphere

If you read some of the other conservative blogs you might have seen that the Colorado Conservative Project was implicated in a vast conspiracy of collusion with a few other blogs to disrupt some guy’s tranquility, whatever that means.


My two friends who coauthor on this blog are barely able to get dressed in the morning without hurting themselves, much less take part in some conspiracy.

The only colluding we have ever done with the blogs TTR and PPH was last night and this morning when they emailed us to ask if we had ever heard of the guy who sent them that email, we sure hadn’t. We are kind of confused about the whole matter and kind of…well not kind of, really amused about it as well.

We aren’t out to get anyone, we actually enjoy the guys website and have a link to it on our page. We also enjoy reading TTR and PPH, and to be honest with you I am going to start reading Ben DeGrow’s blog as well, I feel a sense of camaraderie with him now that we have been imaginary cohorts in a conspiracy, how cool!

We are going to drop the matter at this point in hopes of it just going away.

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