Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday's Warrior: Bob Schaffer

For those who have met this week's Wednesday's Warrior, you know that there are few in Colorado politics as well spoken or intelligent than former Congressman Bob Schaffer.

At this past Saturday's GOP State Central Committee Meeting (CentComm) Schaffer gave one of the best political speeches I have heard in many cycles. It has been rumored that Schaffer might run for Senator Wayne Allard's soon to be vacated senate seat. Scott McInnis [hardly a conservative], who has already announced his campaign for the senate, spoke before Schaffer, calling on Republicans to unite and avoid a primary.

In his comments, Schaffer laid down the law both for Republicans and Democrats. He drew clear distinction between true Republican ideals and the "goofy" ideas of the Democrats. Schaffer called upon the Republican party to return to its true ideals, and brought the crowd to its feet with his admonishment of the liberals running our state's government.

Schaffer is a well spoken mainstream conservative, who has done extensive work in education, which is an issue that Republicans have serious electoral problems with.

For his stellar performance at the State CentComm meeting, the Editorial staff of the Colorado Conservative Project name Bob Schaffer as Wednesday's Warrior.

Classic Schaffer: smacking down Jesse Jackson on Crossfire.

Read Schaffer's full bio here.

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UpStream said...

Here, here..Schaffer is my horse if he decides to get in the game.