Monday, March 26, 2007

Tanc 4 Prez

It's no secret that Congressman Tom "Tanc" Tancredo (CO-6) has been talking about not running for congress again, to pursue his dark-horse Presidential campaign. That talk has escalated in the last several days with the announcement that Tanc's Presidential exploratory commitee has raised over $1 million in the last quarter.

The Denver Post has a profile of some of the possible candidates to replace Tanc in CO-6. Among the front line contenders are State Senator Ted Harvey (R-Highlands Ranch) Senator Tom Wiens (R- Castle Rock) and Wil Armstrong (Son of Conservative hero, Senator Bill Armstrong).

There are sure to be a number of second and third tier candidates, possibly including State Senator Steve Ward (R- Centennial).

Harvey and Armstrong will certainly be battling it out over the position of most conservative candidate.

Harvey has the record of a conservative hero; staunchly pro-life, a sponsor of right-to-work legislation every year he's been in office, and one of the leaders on on gun rights.

While Armstrong has the pedigree and is certainly a front line conservative, he has never cast a recorded vote.

Wiens tacks a more middle of the road course, he is a George W. Bush style of Republican.

It will be interesting to see how these elements of the race play out.

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