Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday's Warrior: Mike Kopp

There is little about Senator Mike Kopp (R - Littleton) that doesn't exemplify what is great about our country. He is a veteran, a husband, a father, and a small businessman. Basically, Kopp is the definition of a great American.

Today the Colorado Conservative Project honors Kopp as our Wednesday's Warrior for his work this week to defend the military from the machinations of liberal, anarchists from Boulder.

Read more about Senator Kopp here.

1 comment:

DirtyDave said...

Like all the other conservative stars you have had as your Wednesday Warrior, Senator Kopp is a shining example of what a Conservative Representative should be.
I am slightly worried though that you are gonna run out of true conservative Republicans for your Wednesday Warrior publication very soon. What do you do then? I suggest a Wednesday Wimp where you go after those that can't seem to vote the way they campaign.