Monday, April 16, 2007

Allard endorses Romney, conservatives weep

According to The Hill, Senator Wayne Allard (R-CO) has announced his endorsement of former Taxacusettes Governor Mitt Romney's campaign for President.

Until very recently, Romney has been a proponent of gun control, state funded abortion, gay-rights, and higher taxes. His ill-fated campaign for MA Senate in 1994 and his run for Governor were liberal love-fests. Romney has a history of saying what is politically expedient in order to get elected. Conservatives should not trust his recent so-called conversion to conservative politics.

It is a shame that Colorado's Senior Republican Senator would hitch himself to Romney's wagon.

Read the Romney press release here.


Anonymous said...

You obviously need to do more research about Romney. He may not be a true conservative, but he's not as liberal as you suggest.

Mr Bob said...

I agree with the troll. You need to read what Romney stands for now, I think he would actually be a good president. He is not my first choice, I will go whole hog into supporting Thompson if ever gets off his butt and announces...I also like Hunter, but he's not getting any traction.