Monday, April 02, 2007

Was Dan Caplis Serious About Senate '08?

Speculation has arose about the motives behind radio personality Dan Caplis running for Senate. Did he ever intend to get in or was this all a publicity stunt for his radio show?

Short answer: Yes, at one time.

Long and boring answer: Caplis was absolutely going to make a run for Senate when the GOP environment had McInnis being the front runner and rumors were afloat that Bob Schaffer would not run after all. Caplis felt that the GOP needed a stronger conservative to run than Scooter and that he was the conservative to do so. Now that McInnis has bowed out, so has the motivation behind Caplis running for the seat. If Mr. Caplis really thought he could beat a veteran like McInnis, that I am not sure of, but he definately would have moved things to the right if he faced Scott in a primary.

At this point I have no clue if Dan is still talking about running for the seat, I don't listen to his show. If he is talking about running, that talk will stop if and when Bob Schaffer announces he is in. In the meantime I say keep the talk up, you might get a northern plains guy like myself to start tuning in.

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