Wednesday, April 25, 2007

John McCain dissed on The Daily Show

Not sure if anyone caught The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, if you did you would have seen John McCain looking somewhat foolish on national television. Though John had his heart in the right place in trying to court a young audience on a national medium, The Daily Show is not the place to do it.

I think Jon Stewart is utterly hilarious and his quick wit makes watching him grill anyone a pleasure. However if I am a campaign manager or a general consultant for any Republican, be it county coroner or POTUS contender, I am not putting my candidate on that show. John with an “H” had good answers for all of Jon with no “H”s questions, however he was giving those answers to an audience that is already predisposed not to like what he is going to say. He could have said he wanted to raise taxes, open the border for illegal immigrants and have the U.S. go to a one world government with the United Nations presiding over it and he would still get cackled at. In the end it is a no win situation for any Republican to go on a program like The Daily Show.

That being said here are the Top 10 Things a Republican POTUS contender should not do to court young voters.

10. Get a MYSPACE page
9. Have a “serious” conversation with Stephen Colbert
8. Talk about Global Warming unless you understand that a “carbon footprint” has nothing to do with footwear
7. Get yet another divorce and start dating that now single hottie Sheryl Crow
6. Be a backup dancer for a Christina Aguilera video
5. Do a cameo for the next Michael Moore epic
4. Rap at the Radio-Television Correspondents Association Dinner
3. Let MTV “Pimp your ride”
2. Ever use the acronym BFF
1. Get interviewed by that seemingly nice reporter from Kazakhstan


Anonymous said...

Why no Myspace?

John Galt said...

I assume you are joking but having an internet site that panders to teeny boppers who brag about their drinking accomplishments is not a good way to reach the swing voters you are trying to target. It does however make for very good material for a late night talk show.

John Galt said...

Also see,

Eye of the Pyramid said...

Jon Steward is an idiot and he's not funny anymore. It's turned into a show where bullies his guests in between comedy shorts making fun of news casters for bullying their guests.

Eye of the Pyramid said...

Heh, Jon Steward rants aside and getting back to the myspace business.

We only need to remember the greatest internet campaign of all time, which I'm assuming we all can admit was Howard Dean. Nice fundraising Howie, but the internet doesn't get you through a primary. Don't get distracted from legitimate strategies.

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