Friday, April 13, 2007

Angry Angie Paccione Strikes Again

Political Pale Horse has more fodder about our favorite angry New Yorker.

In her latest episode, Angry Angie partook in a series of email exchanges with our friends over at LiberalExtremist.Com in what can only be summed up as FREAKING HILARIOUS! LiberalExtremist dedicated itself to exposing Angry Angie, as the extreme liberal she really is, through a series of YouTube videos in the last election. I can only guess that Angie never bothered to check out who LiberalExtremist was before going on a rant with them. This comes on the heels of news that Angie has been going to listening sessions sponsored by Congresswoman Musgrave and she is bringing some of her old staff with her. How Angie is paying for her staff is any ones guess. She has the financial acumen of a 3rd grader so it’s possible that she took out a loan to pay for her fictitious Congressional aides, or her staff is as delusional as she is and thinks that perhaps Angie really won the last election. Click here to read Angry Angie’s latest antics.

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