Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Musgrave walks

Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave (R - CO4) is out walking Colorado's 4th Congressional District. Yesterday Musgrave was in Greeley, with walks in Loveland, Fort Collins and Estes Park still to come.

From the Greeley Tribune:

Monday morning's stroll was part of a week's worth of events around the 4th Congressional District, which Musgrave's staff dubbed, "Marilyn on Main Street."

The idea is to reach out to residents and business people who might be out and about in pedestrian areas of northern Colorado municipalities. Later this week, Musgrave will walk in Old Town in Fort Collins and similar areas in Loveland and Longmont.

Money Quote:

Larson, at the Ice Haus, compared Musgrave to a hockey player.

"I was thinking when they said you would be coming by, hockey players are tough -- but during your last campaign, wow! Hockey players got nothing on her," he said. "This is a tough lady." [Emphasis added]

[Eds. Note: Marilyn is a tough lady. She is a hero of Colorado's conservative movement, and an all around nice person.]

Initially I was pretty skeptical about the "Marilyn on Main Stream" program. However it seems to me that this program can only help her image, which has unfairly suffered under the unskilled pen of the Fort Collins Coloradoan and the Greeley Tribune.

PoliticalPaleHorse has a fine bio of Musgrave.

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