Wednesday, April 04, 2007

City of Fort Collins advances gay agenda... least it looks that way to me.

One of my many internet sources shared an email he received from a group that is part of the homosexual lobby.

The interesting part is that the email was sent by an employee of the City of Fort Collins' Recreation Department.

Does the City of Fort Collins allow it's employees to use their taxpayer funded email to advance their own personal, liberal agendas or is the City paying someone to advance an anti-family agenda?

Call the City of Fort Collins to complain: (970) 221-6500 .

The email:
Katie Stieber to LCCshow details 9:15 am (45 minutes ago)

Katie Stieber
Recreation Supervisor
City of Fort Collins Recreation
1200 Raintree Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80526

>>> "Lewis, Emily" 04/04/07 9:12 AM >>>
Hi All
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