Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

Josh Lyman and John Galt always have such insightful posts about actual issues that I thought it was time for something less important.

To that end, I was perusing the various presidential candidate websites out there, looking at all the fancy pictures and what not when I came across the presidential myspace pages.

If you're not familiar with myspace from a political standpoint, it is basically a place where you too can waste vast amounts of time and money trying to talk to a group of people that don't care and half of whom are too young to vote.

The greatest part of these web pages is the attempts for old, balding, white guys to try to reach out to young hipsters with colorful songs. By far the best is Rudy Giuliani's song. It's some sort of dance mix thing named "We got Rudy." If you want to listen to this toe-tapper yourself be sure to head over there.

If you're ready for more after that you should also listen to Romney's Elvis tune and Sam Brownback has Carry On My Wayward Son from Kansas playing.

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