Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Broken Crystal Ball

After being taunted by friends for my failed prediction of a huge announcement that was to come April 15th, I am now ready to eat crow. Nostradamus I am not, though the announcement is still coming...just at a later date. I have been told the exact date it is to come, though after my first failed attempt at fortune telling I am hesitant to give it another shot.

Good news is on the way.


Anonymous said...


We know Schaffer is running. He's running and he's winning. I'm excited for him to finally announce. But when he does the media will ignore him, pu-pu him, and utterly treat him like a rodent nibbling at King Latte's heels.

So I'm not even bothering with the hype. I'm just ready for the scoreboard next November with our guy on top.

Eye of the Pyramid said...

Heh, a small part of me wonders if "anonymous" is actually Schaffer and if he isn't a little bitter at the treatment he received last time around.