Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marilyn on Main Street

The Fort Collins Coloradoan follows up on Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave's (R-CO4) new district outreach program, that I wrote about yesterday.

The Coloradoan's editors lay down their normally poison pens to comment favorably on Marilyn's walk down main street:

Musgrave has been criticized in the past, including on this page, for opting for scripted meetings with selected constituents rather than opting for genuine outreach efforts. Musgrave appears to have gotten the message and is to be commended for adopting a new approach, never an easy step for a politician.

"In order to do my job as a representative, I am recommitting myself to reaching out and listening more to individuals' concerns," Musgrave said in announcing her schedule for the week."I was recently reminded of a lesson I learned early on as an elected official.The most effective public servants aren't those who are quick to speak but those who commit to listening, and I want to do a better job listening to my constituents."

Whether you support Musgrave or not, you have a chance this week to engage her in respectful conversation. Northern Colorado residents should take advantage of the opportunity, which will encourage Musgrave to continue the practice during future congressional breaks.

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