Monday, April 02, 2007

Fun With Guns

Whew, this weekend was a pretty good time other than the snow and wind that showed up to bother us a couple times. I'm of course referring to the machine gun shoot that took place this weekend.

All the usual trappings were there. Dynamite... the smell of napalm... well at least the smell of smoke in general. Even the unmistakable laugh of RMGO director Dudley Brown could be heard through the cacophony of gun fire.

There were a few friends from the golden dome there too. My favorite moment was when three senators were standing together watching the fun when some fourth person starts a conversation about how stupid the members of the state legislature are. Apparently our concerned voter friend is unaware that he is speaking to three of them.

When the concerned voter says "Sometimes they act so dumb it just makes me want to give them a good slap!" One of our senators replied "Oh believe me, I know the feeling."

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John Galt said...

I'm just glad we got you back in one piece Mr. Pyramid