Monday, April 02, 2007

Romney and Clinton Leading The Field

Romney and Clinton are ahead of the pack in terms of raising that green. According to the AP, Mitt Romney raised $23 million while queen of the Dems Hillary Clinton raised an unprecedented $26 million in the first quarter.

Rudy “The Poll Topper” Giulliani is reporting $17 million raised despite what he called a “late start”, (Rudy actually was one of the first ones out of the gate in terms of fundraising).

John McCain has not released his fundraising numbers as of yet.

Other Democrat numbers are as follows: John Edwards raised a paltry $14 million, Bill Richardson raised $6 million, Chris Dodd raised a total of $9 million with $5 million coming from his Senate campaign coffers, and Joe Biden bringing in the rear with $4 million raised. FEC reports are not due til April 15th and you may not know some POTUS contenders numbers until then. April 15th will be telling in that you will see cash on hand for all contenders as well, which is a more significant number than amount raised in that if a candidate is raising $15 million but only has $7 million COH he is not spending his moolah wisely.

Like McCain, Obama has not released his numbers yet either. Some easy assumptions to make as to why neither candidate have put out a press release is that their fundraising totals were not as good as they had hoped for or they were as good as they had hoped but the staggering numbers presented by Romney and Clinton makes them want to avoid a story comparing the war chests or they were still totaling their receipts (pretty unlikely).

Don’t put too much stock into these numbers. Though impressive, most of these campaigns are just getting their feet underneath them.

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