Monday, February 12, 2007

Abortion Ban Before Senate Committee

Senator Scott Renfroe's (R - Greeley) SB07-143, which would ban abortions in the state of Colorado, is up for debate today in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

While SB07-143 isn't expected to pass out of committee, it will be a good litmus test for the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee. Renfroe sits on the committee, as well as, Steve Ward and Shawn Mitchell.

Renfroe's principled stand got coverage last night on CBS4.

The Senate Judiciary Committee meets at 1:30pm today, in SCR352.


UpStream said...

What else is going on over there, I have heard its "CRAZY CONSERVATIVE" day for some reason. What prompts such a name?

Political Pale Horse said...

Renfroe is a great conservative. His wording is some times a little off, but he has the right message.