Wednesday, February 07, 2007

El Paso County GOP Shake Up

Colorado Pols has a ridiculous post about the internal goings on of the El Paso County Republican party, that requires at least brief commentary.

In a nut shell, new El Paso County GOP Chair Greg Garcia and the executive board removed one John Hazelhurst from his position as precinct committee person for violating the county party's bylaws. The bylaws say that all party officers, which includes precinct committee people, are forbidden from publicly supporting any candidate in a general election other than the Republican candidate.

Hazelhurst publicly support three Democrats in the 2006 general election, including John Morse, claiming he was the "smart, reasonable" candidate.

Mr. Hazelhurst was justly removed from party leadership, and his claims to be "heart broken" about it ring hollow with me.

It's important to look at Morse record so far, to see how egregious Mr. Hazelhurst's support of Morse really was. Morse defeated State Sen. Ed Jones in 2006, as a moderate, riding the Anti-GOP Establishment wave.

The question I have for Mr. Hazelhurst is this; are anti-family, anti-gun, anti-business, big government policies "smart, reasonable" or anywhere remotely similar to the platform planks of the Republican party?

John Morse in office has proven to be anything but "smart" or "reasonable".

For the Record, here's the case against Morse:

Morse joined established liberals like Betty Boyd to "celebrate" the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling that made abortion legal in the United States. Pictures of a smiling Morse holding a "Bridge the Gap: Roe in 2007" standing next to the Director of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood can be found here. He is a co-sponosor of SB07-60 requiring hospitals to counsel the use of emergency contraceptive measures. He also voted twice for SB07-80 which would require 12 year old girls to be vaccinated by their school for HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Morse has staked out a strongly, anti-2nd Amendment stance. He is the the author of SB07-34, which would strip Colorado's conceal carry reciprocity laws.

Voted and vocally supported HB07-1072, the Big Labor pay-off, closed shop union bill.

Big Government
Morse sponsorship of SB07-26 (Full Day Kindergaden), SB07-136 , & HB07-1263 (DOJ Training Fee Increase) reflect his dedication to greatly increasing the size of government.

John Morse has three more years before he is held accountable by the voters of El Paso County. It will be interesting to watch how much more liberal he becomes over the next few years and how much he alienates his constituents with his far-left voting record.

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