Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Right & Wrong

Democrats have managed to get it right and wrong in one fell swoop of unmitigated liberal brain storming. Democrats get something wrong? I was as shocked as you are, but yes right now they are trying to end 527 money while propping up public financed campaigns. It's like watching the smallest player on the little league baseball team crush the fastball thrown at him only to see it go foul....IT WAS OH SO CLOSE AND GOT YOUR HEART RATE GOING, BUT ULTIMATELY LEFT YOU FEELING EMPTY AND SORRY FOR THE LITTLE GUY.

Read this story from The Hill for more on this crazy talk.

Good Thing: Stop 527 Money "The mistakes made by Congress wouldn't be so bad if the next Congress didn't keep trying to correct them." - Cullen Hightower
It's not like they have realized that their beloved McCain-Feingold bill is plain wrong, but more so that they have realized that they are not the only ones benefiting from the 527's anymore. Republicans are starting to wake up and see that right now 527's are a major force in elections and should be taken advantage of. Now this does not hold true for Colorado where our big money folk like to talk big but leave us empty handed early November. Everywhere else though the 527 coffers are starting to benefit the guy with the (R) at the end of his name.

Bad Thing: Publicly Finance Campaigns
Really? I thought this died out in the early 90's and all of a sudden in 07 we got Obama putting this kind of crazy talk back into action. What else is the Obama craze gonna bring back from the 90's? Parachute pants? Slap bracelets? A decent Cowboys team? Enough said. Publicly financed campaigns are not what this country needs, it curbs free speech while inflating our government even more so. In their eyes two horrible wrongs make a fantastic right, and so goes the liberal brain.

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