Monday, February 26, 2007

Colorado Top Priority Again

Not really news to anyone, but the Senate seat being vacated by conservative hero Wayne Allard is ranked #2 nationally by National Journal. Click here to see their full rankings.

Republicans will have their work cut out for them in retaining the seat, with 33 Senate seats nationally up for election only 12 of those are held by Democrat incumbents. While the Dems should be able to defend all of their own seats, they will also be able to take a shot at the 21 seats held by the good guys. The Republicans on the other hand will have to pick and choose who they are going to help based on polling #'s as well as the campaigns COH (cash on hand) at any given time. If the Republican nominee here in Colorado is down by 12 points in September of 2008 and John Warner over in Virginia is only down by 3 points, guess where the NRSC is gonna put their money at?(Again that's a hypothetical situation, and we all know that all R's will have double digit leads at that point) It's all about the #'s to the NRSC, as well as it should be. Their biggest thing is keeping our folk in office and if that means baling out on old friends, then they have no problem doing so. It's not a science by any means, and at times mistakes are made as in the case of money being pulled from Conrad Burns of Montana last election. Burns who lost by just a little over 2,500 votes in 06 would have easily won had national money been there, credit a good campaign team to keep Burns so competitive without the moolah.

My advice for whomever our Repubican candidate might be is to at all costs make sure you are competitive two months out from the general. If that means spending your ad money early and conceivably going dark later on, then do so. If it is competitive the national money should be enough to keep you on air going into election day.

Mr. Wadhams, you have your work cut out for you.

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