Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday's Warrior: Cory Gardner

Representative Cory Gardner is truly a champion of gun rights. His leadership on HB07-1011, the well named "Make My Day Better" Law is an an outstanding step toward empowering the people of Colorado to defend themselves. Gardner is a champion of a great many other conservative issues, but today we're celebrating guns, 'cause who doesn't like guns?

That is why Dirty Harry and the Editorial Staff of The Colorado Conservative Project names Rep. Cory Gardner as Wednesday's Warrior.

Gardner is,without a doubt, the coolest guy in politics *without* a website.

Separated at birth?

Same smiling mug, same pearly-whites, same stylish hair cut... I'd say we have a family resemblance!

Gardner is a member of the Republican Study Committee of Colorado (RSCC). You can read their press release on the Gardner/Harvey "Make My Day Better" Law here.

(Editor's Note: I certainly hope that Gardner uses a more effective caliber handgun than Dirty Harry's .357. We at The Colorado Conservative Project believe that God made man (& woman) and that a .45 makes everyone equal.)

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