Friday, February 09, 2007

McElhany, Groff stick it to Polis, Ward

Senate President Pro tem Peter Groff (D-Denver) and Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany (R-Colorado Springs) just announced that they are introducing legislation to fully implement Jared Polis' Amendment 41, as written.

This is a major escalation in the pressure on Polis for his poorly worded, and generally daft "ethics" amendment. Full implementation of A-41 is very, very bad for Polis' public image, as well as, being generally bad policy. This is a well calculated move my McElhany to use Groff's personal dislike of Polis (and ties to Fitz-Gerald) to strength the position of the Republican party.

This is also a shot across the bow of Senator Steve Ward who, as previously mentioned, is Senate Sponsor for a Polis backed legislative "fix" of A-41. Ward is crossing the good of his party, the will of the Minority office, and good public policy to score cheap, "bi-partisan" political points.

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Read McElhany and Groff's full comments here.

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UpStream said...

Way to shot some NUTS McElhany.