Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fresh From the Rumor Mill - "Mayor Paccione" ???

Well they say that egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity and no where is that more true than in Larimer county where it is rumored that Angry Angie Paccione will try to run for Mayor. Angie's campaign gurus are not what one would call coherent, much less politically savvy, so it is indeed possible that Angie may throw her hat in the ring. What Angie would do after losing a congressional campaign and a city mayors race in less than a year? I am not quite sure. Though the obvious choices would be:
1. Bankruptcy Consultant
2. Professional Wrestler
3. Hair Stylist
4. "Rogue" Campaign Staffer
5. Ethics Committee Member For The FEC
6. Angry New Yorker


UpStream said...

Mayor? I would'nt trust that lady with my trash. How bout cast member for The L Word as Angie's next occupation.

John Galt said...

Upstream, Angie did not come off very well in her commericals so it is doubtful that she has a future in TV ...remember the angry stare she gave at the end of one of her ads (shudder)