Friday, February 16, 2007

Ward does Polis' Dirty Work

RINO Senator Steve Ward (R-Centennial) is doing Jared Polis' dirty work in the legislature, now he's carrying Jared's water in the press.

From the Denver Post:
"There is a lot of crying wolf about (41) in the name of throwing mud at Jared Polis," Ward said. "I don't like Jared Polis. But it's wrong to put a fight with Jared Polis over kids. But for the fact that Jared Polis sponsored this, we'd already be looking at an enabling law."
Comments about Ward having a man-crush on Polis aside, working for Polis is only going to hurt Ward.

Money Quote:
"I really don't want to be flogged politically any more than I already have been," Ward said.
Sorry to hear that Steve, but you're going to be "flogged" for helping out an activist liberal millionaire for the rest of your political career.

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