Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Wednesday's Warrior

Today, being Wednesday, means that for those of us working stiffs, the work week is almost half over. To celebrate these momentous occasions, each and every Wednesday, the Colorado Conservative Project is going to recognize truly heroic political feats, in honor of surviving half a week.

Wednesday's Warrior: right-to-work champion Sen. Ted Harvey (R - Highlands Ranch).

The Rocky Mountain News' Business Section has a piece on Harvey's SB07-93, which is a right-to-work bill. Harvey has been the prime sponsor of right-to-work legislation every year he has been in the legislature; a testament to his belief in this issue.

Today, in the Senate Business, Labor & Technology Committee, Harvey's bill is up for debate and testimony. Committee Chair Sen. Jennifer Veiga (D-Denver), senate sponsor of the Big Labor pay-off, closed shop union bill (HB07-1072) is expected to lead the charge to kill Harvey's bill.

For those with a disposition toward schadenfruede, the Senate Business, Labor & Technology Committee will be meeting at 1:30pm in SCR354 at the Colorado State Capitol.

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UpStream said...

Harvey is a great first choice, here's to Congressman Harvey in 08. Cheers!!