Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yesterday, with little of the fan fare of Friday's filibuster, the Colorado State Senate passed HB1072 to Governor Bill Ritter's desk for signature or veto.

My money is on Ritter to sign the legislation. For those of you that have been living under the same rock that I have been blogging from for the past four months, HB1072 is a close-shop Union pay-off Bill that was railroaded through the General Assembly by the Democrat leadership.

Upon passage of HB1072, House and Senate Minority leadership and members held a joint press conference outside the Governor's office, announcing they will sustain Ritter's veto of this bill, should good sense prevail. Unfortunately, House Dems got wind of the press conference had held the House in session voting on redundant committee of the whole reports, until the TV cameras left the capitol.
Colorado Senate News has a report on the activities.... [having trouble finding MSM coverage of the event...]

The bottom line: Bill Ritter is at a crossroads that will, in the end, define his first term as governor. If he vetos HB1072, he solidifies his image as a moderate and mollifies the business community enough that they continue to sit on their hands (and wallets). If he signs HB1072, the baby goes out with the bath water; and Ritter is tagged, correctly, as a liberal and cements the business communities financial support of the Republican party for at least two more elections.

Mr. Ritter, please sign HB1072.


UpStream said...

Agreed, the one positive thing about him signing HB1072 is that Republians will receive the business communities backing in the next election.

If Josh Lyman Were Conservative... said...

exactly, this is all understanding that I am coming from a purely political perspective, rather than a public policy perspective...