Monday, August 06, 2007

Sour grapes in CO-5

The Denver Post has a puff piece on the continued sour gapes of Jeff Crank and his supporters, over Doug Lamborn's victory in last years primary.

Crank and his supporters are sore losers. Lamborn has done a good job so far, in his first months as a minority Congressman. He has represented his constituents and their conservative values well.

Party insiders agree:

Lamborn has support from his constituents, said Greg Garcia, chairman of the El Paso County Republican Party. That county's voters represent about 80 percent of Lamborn's district.

"When I talk to people and ask them, 'How do you think we're doing?' Doug Lamborn is talked about very positively," Garcia said.

Even liberal business groups, a natural "constituency" for former Chamber of Commerce hack Crank, are happy with Lamborn.

Lamborn, he said, has used public appearances and mailings to let voters know his congressional efforts, which many have praised.

"He has supported business issues and Realtor issues," said Terry Storm, chief executive of the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, which so far is happy with Lamborn.

In fact the piece even goes so far as to claim that Crank is already a primary candidate, in a photo caption.

Jeff Crank candidate for Colorado's 5th congressional district at a meeting sponsored by NFIB at Broadmoor in Colorado Springs on Monday. (Post / Hyoung Chang)

Crank is very clearly only in this to appease his Mount Rushmore sized ego, and not represent the people of Colorado's 5th Congressional District.

If Crank was actually interested in doing the right thing, and not feeding his ego, he'd run for a state house of state senate seat. But he's not interested in that. He's going to take his principles compromising agenda (endorsed gay candidates and tax hikes, while claiming to be conservative) and run a sore-loser primary campaign.


Haners said...

This site is a typical result of a Lamborn hack-completely unaware of reality and full of spite. Lamborn is facing a serious challenge, and all Lamborn supporters can do is insult someone else's "ego". This is the kind of "conservatism" that cost Republicans their majority.

Oliver said...

And spending more tax dollars on franking privileges than any other Colorado congress member is conservative how? Oh yeah, the taxpayers want to support Doug's mailing marketing pieces to his district but not for PBS. Wingnut.

republican voter said...

As a career staffer and lobbyist, Jeff Crank represents the old way of doing business in Washington. The last thing we need is an ex-lobbyist in the congress; talk about a fox in the hen house!

John Galt said...

Haners and oliver we heard it all before last election about how doug had no chance, even in the general from some.

Doug will be fine. He has not made one vote contrary to what crank would have made, nor any other Republican down there.