Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hastert to screw conservatives, again

As I discussed earlier, former Speaker of the House, Congressman Denny Hastert is no friend of the conservative movement.

It's too early to pop the champagne to celebrate his retirement, because Hastert may be lining up to screw conservatives again. It is being rumored that Hastert may resign in November to ensure succession by his hand-picked (and liberal) associate.

From Evans-Novak Political Report (via

According to the Evans-Novak Political Report, former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) will be resigning from Congress in November, instead of retiring at the end of his term. If true, this could have significant ramifications in determining his successor.

A shortened special election campaign would likely benefit the candidates with the highest name recognition and the deepest pockets. Among Republicans, that status belongs to dairy owner Jim Oberweis, who has run unsuccessfully in three previous statewide bids for governor and for the Senate.

Conservative state Sen. Chris Lauzen is Oberweis’ main challenger, but he has feuded with Hastert in the past. Several Illinois Republicans speculate that Hastert’s decision to resign stems from wanting to help Oberweis win the nomination. [emphasis added]


John Galt said...

I have a couple pictures I would like to put up here and in some of the Romney articles, but I shall refrain from doing so.

How far you have come young grasshopper.

Aakash said...

For some reason, I had missed the news about the early retirement... Was it just announced recently?

I do know about the race, and due to my past involvement in this state (from central to the north), I may be asked to become involved, in this U.S. Congressional contest. Both Senator Lauzen and Mr. Oberweis seem like principled and outspoken individuals... It will be interesting to see how this race unfolds, in the months ahead (especially with the primary so soon this time).