Thursday, August 09, 2007

Do The Bart Man

If you frequent PPH, you have probably already seen this.

POTUS candidates likened to Simpsons characters according to The Krusty Konservative

John McCain – Maude Flanders – she’s died on the show and no one really misses her.

John Cox – Dr. Nick Riviera – he’s a charlatan who only fools a small minority of people into believing he’s a legitimate practitioner of his trade.

Mike Huckabee - Ned Flanders – he’s a good guy. He’s nice, friendly and everyone likes him… but he’s completely non-threatening.

Mitt Romney – Dredrick Tatum – the reigning heavyweight champion of the world with a MAJOR problem.

Tommy Thompson – C. Montgomery Burns – he’s dying and everyone knows it, but he’s just not quite dead yet. And yes, that means Steve Grubbs is Waylon Smithers.

Rudy Giuliani – Homer Simpson – He screws up all the time but for some reason everyone still loves him.

Tom Tancredo – Ralph Wiggum – he’s a minor character who’s wildly popular with die-hard fans.

Sam Brownback – Principal Skinner – he’s kind of a dork and no one respects him.

Fred Thompson – Dr. Julius Hibbert – he’s big and jovial and he’s trying to figure out what’s wrong with the body (politic).

Newt Gingrich – “Sideshow” Bob Terwilliger – he’s a smart guy with TONS of baggage.

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