Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Coffman, Tonner and CO-6

Several well placed Republican sources have confirmed that Secretary of State Mike Coffman has been meeting with Flat-Line's (Phaseline) Sean Tonner about running for Tom Tancredo's CO-6 House seat. At least two meetings have taken place in the last three weeks.

Does this indicate that Coffman has inside information into Tancredo's plans for 2008?

Does Tanc's strong finish in the Iowa Straw Poll breath new life into his Presidential run?

What isn't clear is whether or not Coffman will primary Tancredo. A Coffman run for CO-6 is sure to anger both the Republican party establishment, as well as conservatives.

Republicans want to keep the Secretary of State seat, which if Coffman won CO-6, would be appointed by Governor Ritter.

Conservatives believe that Senator Ted Harvey or Wil Armstrong would be far better conservative ambassadors in Congress.

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