Thursday, August 16, 2007

More hot air in CO-5

El Paso County GOP Chair Greg Garcia is full of more hot gas than a hot air balloon.

In today's Gazette, Garcia is threatening to "punish" any candidate in CO-5's unnecessary primary who doesn't meet with his standard of campaign "ethics."

That process would include some sort of investigation of claims alleged to be false and a requirement that candidates disavow any statements that are made by their campaigns or supporters and are found to be untrue, Garcia said. Not following the rules could lead to punishment, he said, adding that he is still trying to determine what that could be.

I'm not sure that Garcia has any real comprehension of what his job as county party chair actually entails. Garicia has no authority to "punish" campaigns he thinks have gotten too rough, in fact Garcia should be staying out of the whole primary mess in the first place.

However, Garcia is a bought and paid supporter of sore-loser Jeff Crank.

Even liberal Republicans like former El Paso Chair, State Rep. Bob Gardner don't think Generalissimo Garcia's "rules" are enforceable.

“The fact is the chairman has no real power other than the position of the chairman to express disapproval or dissatisfaction with the tactics. You can’t make a candidate or campaigns change their campaign if they don’t wish to.”

The bottom line is that Generalissimo Garcia's statements were made to give him cover when he uses the county party machine to actively campaign against his sitting, conservative Congressman.

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