Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pro-Life Movement gets boost

From the Fort Collins Coloradoan:

Ritter trying to 'sneak in' abortion view

Although I'm not a one-topic crusader columnist, every now and then a political issue gets my hackles up so badly I feel I would be grossly remiss if I didn't address it.

The phenomenon of the "pro-life" vs. "pro-choice" issue is one in which I think many conscientious (non-ideologue fringe dwellers) folks are a little too lukewarm on. Leaving religious convictions aside for the moment, I know it was consoling to think that our legislators had everything in hand as far as medical ethics go, having been lulled into an erroneous belief that the subjects in question were simply blobs of undifferentiated cells.

It's become apparent to more and more Americans over the years that abortion is about the lucrative industry of killing babies in nauseatingly brutal and inhuman fashion; hence the "partial-birth" (in reality, full-term) abortion debates within the last few years.

Colorado Constitution Article 5, Section 50, was passed via ballot measure by the people of the State of Colorado to ensure that our tax dollars would never be used for the "direct or indirect" support of abortion mills.

It recently came to my attention (and to that of Colorado pro-life organizations) that Gov. Bill Ritter, in an effort to pay back some of the far-left supporters who helped get him elected, intends to circumvent this law and "indirectly" funnel Colorado taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

It should be no surprise: "I will restore the funding to Planned Parenthood and other agencies," Ritter stated on his campaign Web site.

How, one wonders — without doing it illegally?

Depending on how familiar one is with the machinations of politics, this process can be likened to the laundering of money by organized crime. When dollars change hands enough times and no one is paying attention to the paper trail, when the government cuts a check, all looks to be above board.

The Christian Family Alliance of Colorado (, which has the support of Greeley Sen. Scott Renfroe, one of our state’s pro-life champions, is mounting a grassroots effort to stop this abomination in its tracks.

If you’ve been paying attention to the media of late, you’re aware it was a bipartisan grassroots effort that killed the U.S. Senate’s abysmal and dangerous immigration bill. Nationally, it was a major wake-up call that the voters, not special interests, still hold the lion’s share of political power in America.

There’s no reason to assume that this won’t hold true concerning Ritter’s designs, in spite of pro-abortion liberals controlling the state Legislature.

Timing is important, as well, according to CFAC literature: “… we think Ritter believes he will be able to sneak his pro-abortion scheme into action this summer when he hopes others will not be paying attention.” It’s a tactic we’ve seen played out at the federal level many times.”

This time, let’s show Ritter that the citizens of conscience in Colorado are indeed paying attention.

For more information on how you can help in this effort, contact: Mark Hotaling, director, Christian Family Alliance of Colorado, P.O. Box 13528, Denver, CO 80201; telephone (970) 556-0097.

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Senator Scott Renfroe introduced the first legislation banning abortion (SB07-143) in the history of the Colorado General Assembly last session. Renfroe is a pro-life champion and I'm glad to see he is supporting the Christian Family Alliance of Colorado.

I hope the Christian Family Alliance of Colorado can make some positive steps for the pro-life movement here in Colorado.

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