Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We Have Never Been To Space, NO SERIOUSLY

It looks like supporters of John Cox and Ron Paul have their work cut out for them if they want to compete with their Sam Brownback counterparts.

As I stated before in the post about being called a Heliocentrist Wiccan Moonbat, I have no qualms with Senator Brownback, with the small elephant in the room exception of immigration.

His supporters are just plain nuts though. No reason to even post this as it is not political in nature, but I know you guys need a good laugh.

Here are some new gems from Blogs4Brownback, this time talking about the fact that we have never been to space. In mocking them last time I said that in addition to condemning the earth rotating around the sun, I was also condemning science, the earth being round, and any of the moon landings. It looks as though my last 3 condemnations were not as funny as I thought, at least to Brownback supporters.

"Incidents like this make me seriously question whether or not we’ve ever even really been into “outer space.” I’ve never been there; have you?"
I've never seen the back of my own head either, I'm beginning to question if it exists.

"The third problem I’ve always had with arguments for the space race are that scientists, as a class, seem so smug and dishonest to me. "
Could not agree more. Those scientists in their ivory towers coming up with cures for diseases. PHHH.

"I think we need a dialogue- how do we know that NASA has, in fact, been into space?"
How do we even know NASA exists? I've only seen their scientists and buildings in the movie Armageddon, I know for a fact that Bruce Willis has never even been to flight school. You're on to something Brownback supporters.

"If they haven’t, how can we prove the world is round, instead of being (for the sake of argument) a flat disk with all continents perched on top"
Exactly, we can't prove it. Think about if you were to stand on the side of a beach ball, you would fall off right? Same with the earth, people should be falling off all over the place, hence it is flat. POINT BROWNBACK.

"If President Brownback wants to keep NASA as a back-door means of funding programs he doesn’t want the moonbats to find out about, I’ll understand. I won’t say peep about it, either. Otherwise, he should shut this boondoggle down and kick these hedonists out on their posteriors. Let them find real jobs, doing real work."
I am also not going to say "peep" about anything that President Brownback does not want me to. Moonbats with their science and automobiles will do anything to propel their cause. What's said in the White House stays in the White House.


Anonymous said...

Stop spreading your wiccan lies John Gault!

NUTS! said...

I am not sure if I can handle anymore of this, who are these people??????????????

Anonymous said...

Sam Brownback knows all and sees all, I'd be careful if I were you CCP.

Anonymous said...

Are they nuts or are they so enlightening it's just blowing your mind?

Mind Blown said...

I want to know some of their other theories, these guys are great.

Anonymous said...

Seriously WTF??? This has to be a parody run by some Dem, there is no way that they are serious. Even their posts that deal with politics are unbelievably off the wall.

Political Pale Horse said...

Gault, did you see this?

“Another Colorado blog is beating on your buddy Brownback. You’ve seriously pissed off his neighboring state all by yourself."

Blogs4Brownback Response:
"Wonderful. Go vote Democrat, where you belong, you simpletons. Brownback doesn’t need the state of Colorado to win this election, or this primary. He can, and will, win them both without you and in spite of you. So sit back, and enjoy the irrelevance."

You can find this comment at this link: http://blogs4brownback.wordpress.com/2007/05/23/compassionate-conservatism-in-action-immigration/
It's comment number 15.

Ben DeGrow said...

The Brownback site is an obvious satire. Anyone who can write that well is too educated to say things so obviously insane. And some of the things sound so perfect pitch as stereotyped far-right conservative viewpoints, they're clearly contrived. The faux Brownback blogger has a lot of time on his hands and is quite clever, but not THAT clever.

John Galt said...

Ben, I had wondered that but they at times make rational arguments with some of their posts. To me it appears that sadly there are people who believe that the earth is flat. This does bring up a good campaign strategy though, satire sites posing as advocate sites for a candidates.

Anonymous said...

These Brownback people are utter loons, but I think you're totally wrong to say they've got Coxers beat. John Cox supporters are far loonier than Brownback's folks, they're just more subtle, like when they blog that he's "catching on" because he's coming in fifth place in a straw poll in East Turtlescrew, Iowa.

The Cox supporters take after their moonbat leader, who sneaks into debates and rants and raves about not getting media attention -usually when he's on Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, or being interviewed by the Weekly Standard, Los Angeles Times or the New York Times (get the irony?)

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