Friday, May 18, 2007

John Galt: The Heliocentric Wiccan Moonbat

I am not gonna go out of my way to bag on Sam Brownback, though we don't see eye to eye on immigration I appreciate alot of his views.

I like the guy.

So I was intrigued when I read, via PPH, about a blog endorsing Sam calling "heliocentrism an atheist doctrine", their words not ours.

If you are not familiar with 'heliocentrism', don't worry. It is the crazy idea that the earth revolves around the sun, phhh.

I had thought that this was proven long ago, right around the time that it was proven that the earth was not flat.

I was wrong.

The blog in question Blogs4Brownback decided that of all things that would best promote the Senator a post about the earth being the center of the universe would help their candidate the best.

I could not agree more.

In the beginning I mistakenly tried to argue with the blog moderator about the need to take the post down in order to protect his candidate. The moderator proceeded to call me a "Moonbat".

No, I'm not kidding. Oh and then he proceeded to call, not just me but all Colorado conservative blogs, a bunch of "Wiccans".

In the end I found out I was a satanic lefty that believed the earth revolved around the sun.

My apologies. I have no desire to be a lefty, much less a Satanist. So if I have to condemn the idea that the earth revolves around the sun, SO BE IT.

To avoid any more confusion I am also condemning the notion the earth isn't flat, all science, and any moon landing that has "supposedly" happened.


Anonymous said...

Good Moses. What a looney.

Political Pale Horse said...


John Galt said...

And I thought POTUS contender John Cox had rounded up the ALIST volunteers for his campaign, I stand corrected.

Political Pale Horse said...

It's not every day you hear those kinds of things. Nor do you find out you are a wiccan moonbat.

The AntiCox said...

This is incredible. I thought we had gone up in real rocketships and saw the earth actually, you know, moving.

Newsflash: Madman John Cox now seems to be admitting that he's a "Fourth Tier Candidate" and I think I agree:


Brownback's Toast said...

I got a good laugh at of your and PPH's commentary on this lunacy, but I had the most fun reading the actual post that blogs4brownback put up. I am thinking of saving it and reading it again when Im feeling down. And people wonder why Christians are chastised.

Anonymous said...

Well Galt, maybe now that you have rechanted your heretic ways you can focus on spreading the news.

Bring everyone to light John! Bring everyone to the light!

Anonymous said...

Well, you've done it now John Galt. You've damned the entire state of Colorado.

This is the latest comments from the Brownback blogger:

"“These Colorado Republicans seem like awfully rude people. My husband and I were going to take a trip to Denver on our 25th wedding anniversary, but after reading the nasty posts the people from that area have written I think we should reconsider.”

They certainly do. Luckily, they can throw their state to the America-haters, but we’ll still have enough states to win the election in 2008. So, who needs them?"

John Galt said...

Ha. I take abit of joy out of keeping people like that out of our great state. I could read that guys lunacy all day long. I saw that the moderator of that blog does indeed have friends that believe all of his theories as well. In fact one of his supporters posted something to the affect that the earth isn't round and the moderator said he wanted to look into it.

The battle rages on said...

The struggle continues at

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