Thursday, May 31, 2007


While we here at CCP have a good time poking fun at Republican candidates on occasion, we have the most fun when we can take on the Dems. But what you ask yourself could be more fun then Republicans taking on Dems?


The insanity that is now the 4th Congressional District Democrat primary has now reached new heights with the addition of Betsy Markey to the already crowded field of liberals wanting to take on Musgrave in the general.

As of now we have Eric “Every Way” Eidsness, nickname coming from Dem bloggers, whose claim to fame is that he once worked for Ronald Reagan. Yes, in Eric’s mind that will win the hearts and minds in a Dem primary.

Move on to “Angry” Angie Paccione, nickname derived by hideous campaign ad, and any speech she has ever given, who came within 3 points last election of winning in the best year for Dems in over 30 years. “Angry” claims that “Every Way” stole votes from her. Angie forgot the fact that Eric stumped as a Republican and brang up Reagan every chance he got and took votes away from Musgrave, the DCCC poll supposedly showed that as well.

Meet “Boulder” Brandon Shaffer, nickname coming from the small part of the 4th CD that he actually represents. By far the most liberal out of the group, which is saying a lot with “Angry” Angie in the mix. Shaffer is supposedly the DCCC’s chosen one for the Dem nomination.

Salazar aide Betsy Markey, no nickname yet!, is the new kid on the block making a fashionably late entrance to the party. Salazar, er I mean Markey will benefit from having Salazar’s name ID as well as his voting record. According to the Coloradoan Markey has got the backing of prominent Dem representatives in Larimer County, which you know pisses off Paccione.

There was also talk in the Statesmen that another Fort Collins resident known as Dr. Bob, no nickname needed, is also planning on jumping into the race and will go independent if he does not win the nomination. We aren’t counting on him jumping in, but it would be fun to watch if he does.

So let the games begin. It should be an interesting 14 plus months leading up to the Dem nomination. Eric “Everyway” Eidsness is already talking trash about both Angie and Betsy, a pro Paccione website is calling Betsy Markey a “crazy lady”, “Boulder” Brandon is saying that Paccione only wants to run because of personal vendettas, and Paccione, Brandon and Markey all calling Eidsness an opportunist (which I actually agree with them on).

Put the popcorn in the microwave, pull up a seat and watch the fun unfold.


Anonymous said...

Why is the democratic process "insanity"?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Greeley Republican Born and Bred, but I honestly beleive that Betsy Markey is the best name in the hat (including Musgrave). Two of my uncles have had their wells shut down in the last year. The only person who paid attention to the issue and actually spoke out for farmers on the Eastern plains was Betsy Markey. I dont care if you're a Democrat or a Republican, if you know anything about Markey, you know she's the best horse in the rodeo!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Betsy Markey knows Eastern CO. From what I understand, as Salazar's high plains director, she did alot to help bring in new wind and ethanol projects. If you ask me, that's enough for me to give her a vote in the general.