Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Harvey for Congress???

From Colorado Confidential: (Yes, I do read them on occasion)


Tom Tancredo isn’t raising a ton of cash (comparatively, at least) in his bid for the Presidency, but that hasn’t stopped many Republicans in his congressional district from dreaming of moving up. Tancredo has said he won’t rule out running for re-election in 2008, but from what I’ve heard, a good number of Republicans aren’t anticipating that he will stay for another term.

State Sen. Ted Harvey would be among a handful of elephants at the top of the list to run in CD-6 should Tancredo not return, but he isn’t looking ahead just yet.

"It’s fair to say I would take a good look at it if Tom would take a move, but I’m not sure where he is in his decision making process right now," says Harvey. "So far he’s been putting out the message that he hasn’t made a decision."

Harvey says that he is in "an awkward position" in looking ahead to 2008 because he considers Tancredo to be a close friend (they worked together at the Independence Institute before Tancredo was elected to congress in 1988). Harvey says that he would absolutely not run against Tancredo – who he supported in 1998 - in a primary, but if he doesn’t return for another run, it sounds like Harvey wouldn’t take long to enter the race.

"I’ve got young kids, so my family has to be totally behind it," he says. "But I’m pretty confident that we would do it."

Contrary to some rumors, Harvey says that he hasn’t begun to put together a campaign team - "I haven’t hired anybody. Like I said, I’m not that far along until Tom makes a decision" - but he has already thought about why he would be a strong candidate.

"I’ve been an elected official in the heart of the congressional district for six years," says Harvey. "Douglas County has a big portion of the district, and I represent two-thirds of Douglas County."

If CD-6 does open up next year, all signs point to a difficult primary battle for a seat in which voter registration numbers favor Republicans by a 2-to-1 margin. State Sen. Tom Wiens, whom Harvey says has been the most active in looking at the race, will almost certainly run, as might a host of others including Wil Armstrong, Rep. David Balmer, former state Sen. John Andrews, former Lt. Governor Jane Norton and Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer.

"There’s a book called the White Pages, and I think there’s a lot of people in that book who would take a look at it," jokes Harvey. "Every elected official in the district would take a look at it.

"Opportunities like this come along once every decade or two."

Or maybe they don’t. Right now, only Tom Tancredo knows for sure.

Might I say, "Well done Senator Harvey!"

This piece is fairly well written, and pretty fair; especially coming from this liberal shill group.

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