Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Ghost that is John Cox

From our friends over at The Political Pale Horse

We anticipated the 2008 GOP Presidential Primary being a little strange since it started so early with such a diverse group of candidates, but this is just sad. This from the Union Leader in New Hampshire, “Invisible candidate tries to raise his profile in NH.”

MANCHESTER – Republican presidential candidate John Cox has spent more than a year campaigning in the early selection states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, declaring himself the true Washington outsider.

He has spent $800,000 of his own money hiring staff, organizing, printing campaign material renting office space, appearing on radio and paying for travel expenses because he wants to see change. But his message has largely been ignored by the national media.

The article goes on to say:

He admits his lack of national exposure has hurt his fund-raising, noting he made calls last week to potential donors. One person noted he was not in the debates. "They may like what I say, but if they don't think I have a chance, they're not stupid," Cox said.

What’s sad about this is the fact that the man sees the writing on the wall. (Well, at this point it’s pretty much up in the air like the Bat Signal.) He knows it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.” But he just keeps going.

On his website, they have a Call To Action attempting to get him in the New Hampshire debate. Unfortunately their talking points are terrible.

The sponsors need to shake things up and add a new face to the debate. We have ten candidates and two groups that are polar opposites. What the hell would he bring to the debate that we haven’t already heard?

By adding John Cox to the debate, viewers will get another reason to watch the debate and they'll see John Cox criticize the other candidates, there will be fireworks thus creating news stories. Yeah, that’s what America is waiting for! Cox’s opinion of the other candidates. Tancredo bashing the front runners and Gilmore saying “Rudy McRomney” seemed to go under the radar. Gee John, you’re right. The Fox debate was boring.

In South Carolina, John Cox beat all of the other Republican Presidential Candidates in the Aiken County Republican Party Straw Poll. Aiken County Straw Poll!!! Why didn’t you say so? Giuliani, Romney, and McCain can just close up shop now. Cox took a county straw poll! Their campaigns are done!

Cox, you are the most pathetic candidate in history. Not ten people outside of Illinois knows who you are. You might as well be a ghost running for president. Seriously, drop out. Nobody is listening and nobody cares.

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