Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ritter signs Budget, vetos footnotes

Governor Bill Ritter signed the state budget yesterday, but vetoed all footnotes and head notes.

It is important to note that the footnotes contained language reminding legislators and the Guv that Article V. Section 50 of the State Constitution, prohibits state funds from "directly or indirectly" paying for abortions.

Ritter on the budget:

"A budget is a moral document. It's a statement that reflects our values when it comes to investing taxpayer dollars."

With his veto of the footnotes of the budget, does Ritter believe that taxpayer funded abortions are "moral" and "reflect our values"?

Do I need to remind the Guv that the people of Colorado have voted TWICE to prohibit states funds, directly or indirectly, from paying for abortions?

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