Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wiens out of CO-6

State Senator Tom Wiens won't run for CO-6.

From his press release:

Colorado state Sen. Tom Wiens, R-Castle Rock, announced today that he will seek re-election to a second term in the Colorado State Senate and will not be a candidate for the sixth congressional seat being vacated by retiring Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo.

"I believe I can have a more positive impact on the future of Colorado by continuing to serve in the State Senate than by being a member of Congress," Wiens said. "This has become even more clear to me given the events of the last several days in which we have seen our Democrat governor practicing government by fiat, ignoring the best interests of the people and bypassing the entire legislative process. Governor Ritter is clearly placing the interests of his political benefactors above the interests of the people."

Wiens said Gov. Bill Ritter's controversial executive order last Friday, granting labor unions bargaining power over state employees, will increase the costs of government in Colorado and reduce its efficiency and our competitiveness as a state. He went on to say, tax payers expect real and tangible results from their state government "Instead, we are now are in an environment where special interests are the only ones getting results."

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John Galt said...

Any thoughts on Coffman announcing Josh?