Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Greeley Trib endorses militant lesbian

From TheGreeleyReport.com:

The Greeley Tribune announced their endorsements for Greeley City Council spots. Of course we all know that our community has waited with bated breath to know the unsearchable mind of the all-wise Tribunal staff, because after all, this is the election season and we need them to think for us.

In Ward 1, their adulation goes to candidate Denise Hall. In their words, she is an impressive candidate...one who is “smart, articulate, and thoughtful. She brings diversity to the council personally and professionally.” In short, the Tribune think tank believes that Hall is best qualified to grasp the issues and articulate change, which is needed on city council.

However, as reported on www.greeleyreport.com, what they fail to detail is Hall’s history and alternative lifestyle…one which undoubtedly serves as a foundation for her political agenda waiting to be imposed on Greeley if elected. You see, Hall is a proud and radical lesbian with a history of activism in the gay pride movement. In 1994, while assisting with the organization of an interfaith service for the annual gay pride parade in Oklahoma City, she apparently sought out input from the queer pagans group but was not able to find their organization. In her own words, “I was unable to locate the queer pagans group. Unfortunately, I had to plan the service without their input”.

Yet despite her adherence to moral views that many find to be perverse rather than diverse, according to the Tribune, this is the missing ingredient needed on our city council, and Denise Hall is the answer we’ve all been looking for. But it makes many stop and wonder this: If Denise Hall IS the answer, are we even asking intelligent questions? Perhaps the missing ingredient in our annual 4th of July parade is an appearance by the queer pagans group along with our veterans and Christian organizations which do so much to build family values rather than attack them.

Or perhaps, maybe what’s missing is a news source in Greeley that is fair and balanced…one which won’t omit relevant facts in order to promote its own agenda.

The only city we will have is the one we build, and if we find that we’re riding a dead horse, logic dictates that at some point we should dismount.If we want Greeley to be a 1st rate city, it’s incumbent upon the voters to choose their candidates wisely. Prosperous cities don’t just “happen” by chance, they’re built by good decisions and principled leaders…something we desperately need in Greeley.


Shane White (aka Militant Faggot) said...

Hello there, I stumbled across this little website while searching for information about your so called "Militant Lesbian." Just thought I'd share that I, along with about fifty percent of Colorado voters, think that you people are completely out of your minds. What you call Christian ideals and compassion is so completely mindboggling! I truly pity all of you for chosing to live such hate filled lives. Perhaps if you would do as Jesus did and love your fellow man (yes, I mean "militant lesbians" too) then you just might find yourselves able to sleep at night. Have a lovely evening and a pleasant tomorrow! Peace be with you.

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Anonymous said...

Lesbians, Faggots, and Illegals haveno place in our society and should be deported. that goes for Shane White too, In the Bible God refers to homosexuality as an abomination and those still living that lifestyle come the second coming will be thrown into the lake of fire with all of the other sinners, so put that inyour pipe and smoke it.

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