Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Harvey announces campaign for CO-6

Today, on the steps of the state capitol State Senator Ted Harvey announced his intention to run for congress in Colorado's 6th Congressional district.

Harvey was surrounded by supporters, including:

State Senator Greg Brophy
State Senator Mike Kopp
State Senator Josh Penry
State Senator Scott Renfroe
State Senator Dave Schultheis

State Rep. Cory Gardner
State Rep. Kent Lambert
State Rep. Kevin Lundberg
State Rep. Mike May (House Minority Leader)
State Rep. Frank McNulty
State Rep. Ken Summers

UPDATE: Here is Harvey's announcement press release:

Conservative Republican State Senator Ted Harvey Announces Candidacy for 6th Congressional District

Denver , CO: Conservative Republican State Senator Ted Harvey announced his candidacy for the 6th Congressional District today on the steps of the State Capitol.

In announcing his candidacy, Senator Harvey touted his conservative experience on issues important to the district. “As an elected legislator for the past 6 years, I’ve worked hard to reduce taxes, shrink government, as well as pass legislation to protect life and crack down on illegal immigration,” said Harvey. “As a Member of Congress, voters know they can count on me to continue my proven record of conservative leadership on the issues most important to them.”

Senator Harvey was joined by several Republican State Representatives and Senators at the event. Already, the Ted Harvey for Congress campaign has earned support from half the Republican delegation in both the State House and State Senate as well as numerous county officials from across the district.

Initial support for Harvey among Colorado legislators includes:

Rep. Rob Witwer (R) Sen. Mike Kopp (R)

Rep. Ken Summers (R) Sen. Scott Renfroe (R)

Rep. Steve King (R) Sen. Josh Penry (R)

Rep. Jim Kerr (R) Sen. Greg Brophy (R)

Rep. Mike May (R) Sen. Shawn Mitchell (R)

Rep. Ray Rose (R) Sen. Dave Schultheis (R)

Rep. Cory Gardner (R) Sen. Ken Kester (R)

Rep. Kent Lambert (R) Rep. Frank McNulty (R)

Rep. Kevin Lundberg (R) Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg (R)

Rep. Amy Stephens (R)

“I’m proud to have the support of so many of my colleagues and grassroots leaders because they know I will work hard to champion conservative values in Congress like Tom Tancredo has,” Concluded Senator Harvey.


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John Galt said...

nice,,,ive always been a fan of Teds.