Friday, November 02, 2007

Dick Wadhams needs to stop insulting conservatives

The Colorado GOP has a long history of making poor choices when it comes to Republican primaries (Think Randy Graff) and they've done it again.

So-called "political genius," and state party Chair Dick Wadhams publicly insulted a sitting member of Congress from his own party.

From The

“The most lethal charge against Doug [Lamborn] is that he just doesn’t have the personal and intellectual strength to be the congressman for the 5th District.”

If Wadhams truly wanted to stay out of the CO-5 primary, he would have sat on his hands and said nothing. Given Wadhams willingness to push around Wayne Wolf, Bob Schaffer's primary opponent, he has shown he IS willing to support primary candidates.

Wadhams is wrong to publicly attack a conservative member of congress.

Shame on Dick Wadhams, shame on the state party.

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