Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rudy Giuliani Courting Mike Huckabee

CCP EXCLUSIVE BREAKING NEWS: POTUS candidate Rudy Giuliani is said to be courting social conservative Mike Huckabee as his running mate for the 08 Presidential election. In the category of 'duh', Giuliani is hoping to win back some of the conservatives upset over his stances on abortion, gun rights, and gay marriage.

Will it work?

Who knows, Huckabee has been by far the most enjoyable to watch out of any of the candidates Republican or Democrat and Rudy is looking to be the top contender out of the GOP lineup.

It could very well be a formidable line up if the James Dobson crowd is satisfied by this concession to the point where they would vote Republican instead of third party this election.


If Josh Lyman Were Conservative... said...

color me skeptical.

I've written extensively on this blog about my numerous concerns about Mike Huckabee.

If he does indeed divorce himself from principle and join with "Jackboot" Giuliani then I have no use for him.

But untill that point I am HIGHLY skeptical of reports like this.

I know Rudy is trying to make nice with us pro-lifer Christians, but I don't know that Huck's gonna go along with that.

John Galt said...

Josh, this isnt an endorsement of either Huck or Rudy.

Just info from a highly credible source that makes perfect sense when you flex the mental muscle a little.

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